Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dont Be That Gym Fool.

Good Afternoon.

So as you can imagine being a Personal Trainer based in Cardiff and using different facilities You would honestly think we had seen it all, heard it all, Smelt it all.

But Luckily for me I am yet still shown daily the things not to be done in the gym.

So listen up folks.

This is either for you personally or for that idiot who thinks he knows it all. And ladies this is not just for the guys it also applies to you.

Machines should be used with correct form, This means listen to your Trainer/ coach, if training alone follow the picture on the side of the machine.

Do not by any means go swinging from a Pec Dec, Pulling machines with bands, Loading the weight so heavy that your entire body has to swing back and fore to help you move the weight.

This will result in an injury, your form will be complete shit and you will of course look like an ass.

First Tip, Everyone agree so far?

What about lifting weights which are so heavy that your form is out of the window your back is arched to bits, Your breathing is completely out of control, Bet you have seen this occur at the gym.

My advice lower the weights and leave your ego at the door.

If you see people training in the weights area, then people please where has common sense gone do not invade their personal space, Pulling a bench right up close to a guy lifting is never the right thing to do.

Hygiene now this is big.

I do not want or other members of the gym do not want to be wiping up your sweat, Please guys and girls bring a towel. No one wants to be slipping or sliding in your bodily fluids, At least not at the gym.

One rule of thumb if you can smell Yourself so can everyone else, Be polite and use a roll on before you commence training there is nothing worse than the foul smell  of bad odour.

Think I will Leave it there for today guys although the list is endless.

Keep it real, Keep training, Stay focused and remember the above.


Mel ( GM-Fitness) Personal Trainer Cardiff/ South Wales/ uk

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Big Jugs

Motivate or Stagnate


Life is not always easy as I am sure you will agree,  we are all creatures of habit so making change does not come easy to most  people, when you can change your way of thinking then you can change the way you choose to live your life.

Exercise and health is a lifestyle choice,  I practice what I preach and can tell you it's not as easy as one may think.
Social pressure to eat that peace of rubbish your friends are wolfing down or to down ten pints on the weekend is a common battle most people can relate to, you justify it because after all you do not want to be the boring one in the group or the fitness fascist.


So you bend and buckle and indulge in a few pints now and again, big deal right? Wrong

those 10 pints you had on the weekend are more than the average person will burn off in a week of gym work outs, and where are those calories coming from, yep its fats best friend sugar, and beer contains a boat load of it.



If your goal is to lose weight or you want to show of your finely toned abs, then small choices make a huge difference, a few beers can be the difference of losing 2lbs a week or gaining the same amount while creating a beautiful barrel to impress your friends with.


That said drinking alcohol in moderation can provide some health benefits so enjoy in moderation.

Each and everyone is different, please stop comparing yourself to others, ask yourself what do I want and how can I get it.

Am I happy with my health, could I be fitter, stronger, faster lose weight or gain weight.

Whatever the answer you first have to set a want in order to fulfil a need, for example if you want to run a marathon then you can train for it but you have no real need as you goals are non specific.

However if you want to achieve a specific time or goal then you have a need, the need to set aside the time for intelligent training, nutrition, rest and recovery to achieve a specific task.

The same applies to any measurable goal if it is measurable then you can set aside time to plan a programme in order to best improve your performance, and make the best use of your time and resources.

If you are not sure where to start, or even how, ask someone for help, everybody started somewhere and nobody was born an expert.

Don't be mislead by pressures of those who feel you cannot achieve something simply because they do not share your vision or ambition, nobody can stop you from succeeding unless you allow yourself to be stopped, drive comes from within, will comes from yourself belief and passion comes from the enthusiasm you bring, everything else is just a bonus.

Good luck achieving your goals GM-Fitness

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Monday, 27 January 2014

I love being fat


Fat loss

Your choices determine many aspects of your life, including taking control  of the food you choose to buy , and  what you  put in your mouth, if you eat like a pig then you can expect to look like one.

So if Huxley pig is your idol then ignore all sense and reason and continue to gorge yourself into a sugary gelatine like mass prodding your podgy bits as you await the ping of the micro wave meal you have so diligently prepared.
Large people get upset when you point out the facts "you are fat" so let's be more polite you are overweight /obese.  
Sorry for the rude awakening but it did not happen by accident, no one, even those rare few with medical conditions suddenly wake up fat, it is a gradual process and with any progress you need to be dedicated.
Just because someone is fat does in no way imply that  they are unfit or lazy, larger people  can be as fit and active as there more nimble friends.
People can be thin and contain lots of internal fat surrounding the internal organs and fat if they lead an unhealthy life style.
Lean people tend to have more brown fat than overweight or obese men and women, when stimulated it can burn calories although we humans contain very little brown fat.
80% of all of our fat is stored beneath the skin this is white fat, and its key roll "no pun intended" is energy metabolism, heat insulation and cushioning.

·        adipose tissue visceral (surrounding organs)
·        subcutaneous (beneath the skin - about 80% of all body fat)
White fat is important in energy metabolism, heat insulation and mechanical cushioning.

Your body uses the materials you provide it with i.e. food to produce new cells , including fat cells if your diet is bad then don not expect to feel good.

There is no magic bullet no pill or procedure that will guarantee success, the only person that can ensure 100% that you will achieve your goal is you, no one has the power that you have to determine your success or failure.

You hold the key and unlocking it is down to will power, drive and determination.
If you are determined to succeed then you will.

Lose weight
losing  weight Is different with each person and depends greatly on the activeness of the person, so be more active in everyday life, make more trips to the water cooler, get up from your desk , put down that sandwich and pick up something non processed.

Why am I gaining weight

Weight gain can be caused by many contributing factors, from over eating, excess alcohol consumption to lack of exercise or inactivity.

Small  changes make a huge difference, walk to work use the stairs, drink less sugary drinks get more exercise, you do not have to eat less just eat right, healthy does not mean boring.