Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Health By Mel Myles From GM-Fitness Cardiff

We live in a modern society, where it seems Health is not top on ones list.

Why do we put other things before our own Health?
Why do we continue to make poor excuses?

These Excuses will only continue till it is to late to make a positive difference.

Please do not be just another statistic, another it is ok I am average.
Let us strive to put a STOP to living, leading,teaching bad Health Habits. Let us take a look in the mirror and say I am worthy of being Healthy.

Approaching life with the wrong Health attitude is like walking in to a burning fire, Saying (BURN ME, I DO NOT CARE IF I LIVE ANOTHER DAY).

A bit full on Yes I do appreciate that, But so very true!

Why do people seem to care only when it is to late?

Bad Health Choices Result In The Following.

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Problems
Decrease In Self Esteem
Decrease In Confidence
Low Energy Levels
Lack Of Motivation
Excuse Making

If we focus on making small changes to improve our lifestyles, Then we certainly will Reap The Fantastic Benefits.

Weight Loss
Higher Energy Levels
Increase In Motivation
Helps Maintain Normal Blood Pressure.
Lowers Bad Cholesterol
Helps Fight Off Heart Problems
Increase confidence
Feel Good Factor
Healthier Internal Organs

Small Changes to Make A big Difference

Take The Stairs
Give yourself Water Breaks
Change Sugar To Honey
Drop The Fizzy Pops
Take a 15 minute walk on your lunch break.
Park 5 Minutes further away from your office
Ask Yourself are you Healthy on the inside as well as the out.

I leave you with one question.

How Important Is your Health?

Mel Myles GM-Fitness ( Cardiff)


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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Little Thought With A Few Facts On Stress

A Little Thought With A few Facts On Stress.

Over The Last 2 weeks, I have changed my training, Increased My Food Intake, Now Added A daily cardio session in to my training regime.

Results = More Energy, Better Concentration And a mind full of new ideas. Overall awesome result as of date.

So Today I thought I would talk a little about stress, What triggered this thought well 45 minutes of me time on the X trainer sweating like a big old o...af, How very Attractive.

Why Do We Let Stress Take Over our Minds?

When we think about it,
Whatever situation we are in right now, Will It Really matter to us in 2years/ 10 Years time. My Guess Is No.

We all Experience Stress in our life and a little stress is healthy, But To Much Not so great.

So Next Time Stress arises in your daily Life, Think about asking the above question Maybe.

To Much Stress On The Body Has the below side effects, Did you Know this?

•Impaired cognitive performance

•Suppressed thyroid function

•Blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycemia

•Decreased bone density

•Decrease in muscle tissue

•Chronic digestive and intestinal issues

•Repeat muscle spasms (lock of the muscles) in the neck and back

•Serious weight gain or loss

•Higher blood pressure

•Lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, slowed wound healing, and other health consequences

Increased abdominal fat, which can in turn result in higher cholesterol, heart attacks, and strokes

Balance is what is needed. The Word Moderation which I use a lot is Key Guys And Girls.

Good Relationship with food, And if there are bad food issues why is this?
Family Time
Social / Fun Time

Have a great Day Guys.

Mel GM-Fitness x

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

To Truely Push Yourself, What is it We Need? By GM-Fitness Cardiff

Good Morning Guys And Girls.

Mel Here From GM-Fitness Cardiff. I must say I am feeling pretty dam on fire today. Myself and Team GM-Fitness are joining the crowd and celebrating 100 days of Happy Thoughts. We now go in to day 7.

Today I want to Talk about How hard do you really Train?

This article is inspired by my client Dave Jones who Brought me in on Monday an article by a guy Tony Parsons, Headed To Be First You Need A Good Second.

Fantastic Read.

He starts By Saying You Wont reach your peak with solo workouts, If You Want to get in shape- really inshape-pair up with A good Personal Trainer.

This Was music to my ears, Straight way that's me switched on.  Mel Is now awake alert alert....

Which is true guys. Im Often at the gym, And I often watch people training alone doing the same workout they did do just last week. And Boom No Change.

People guys like comfort and Not many people push them selves out of that comfort zone alone.

Can you get Fit Alone? seriously Fit now?

As Tony States Its Scary Pushing yourself to your limits alone. And you convince yourself that the steady 15 minute jog you just did was awesome, And you truly did work your ass off right?

Ask yourself this when training alone, Do you really step out of your comfort zone?

I am a Trainer Myself, And I twice aweek I Have a Personal Training session With Trainer Gareth From GM-Fitness to really push me to my limits, Its Human Nature when it hurts to hold back and say enough enough. But with your Trainer by your side that support and encouragement really does make all the difference.

You are probably reading this and saying A personal Trainer Cost Money.

Sure it does But you are investing Time, Money in to your health just like you invest money in to your salon treatments, Dentists appointments, Nail and Feet painting.

Why Not Invest money in to looking good, Feeling Great.
Exercise Is a great way to De Stress,

And as Tony Parsons states. When you make room in your dairy weekly you are less likely to cancel appointments. Having a personal trainer demands you find time for Fitness. Because those regular sessions in your diary are always going to be in your diary. And breaking it will be a big deal.

How many times have you woke up in the morning and thought right I am off to the gym this evening, Then 5pm comes along and you say not tonight I am far to tired. How often has that happened?

Or You have injured your leg and say I must Rest I must Recover.  When working Along side a Trainer the great thing is we will work around your strengths and weakness. So surely One small injury should not put you off your workout.. Right?

Next Time you Go To cancel a session ask yourself Do I really need to miss that workout?

Fad And Fad Diets are Bull shxt. Not thing compares to a good clean Healthy lifestyle.

Interested in what you have read Above..

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Why Lifting Weights Will Not Make Females Big And Bulky By M From GM-Fitness Cardiff


Good Afternoon All.

Its The M here From GM-Fitness Personal Training Cardiff.

How are you all doing?

Today Dear Friends My Aim is to Discuss 1 thing and 1 thing only.
This is one thing that really does annoy me, And truth be told Very few things do this.

Why Women Think Lifting weights will Make them Big And bulky.

Ask yourself Ladies in your every day life how often do you see a muscle bound female?


Im right here waiting for the answers.

I bet the answer is never.. Am I Right?

I lift 5-6 Days a week, And I lift Heavy. People Who know me am I big And Bulky?

3 Myths I want you to read.

Myth One

Weight Lifting Makes A Women Big And Bulky.

It’s no surprise that this is still the most common female strength training myth. Frequent, progressive, heavy weight lifting with basic compound exercises does not make women big ‘n bulky. 

The true culprit that gives a woman a bulky appearance is excess body fat. Period.

Women do not have the amount of testosterone necessary to build large muscles; men do. The average man has approximately 20 times MORE testosterone than you. Testosterone is the reason why men can build large muscles.

Myth Two
To Loose Weight I should Stay Away From Weight Lifting And just Do Cardio.

Absolutely wrong
Weight Training not only Increases your lean Mass but Also Increases your metabolism.
Giving you a shapely Tight Figure.
I Often See Women attend the gym And just Do Cardio And it Pains me to think of the benefits they could be reaping from lifting weights.

Myth Three
Weight Training Takes To Much Time.

No, it doesn’t. You can perform an effective workout in as little as 30 minutes a few times per week. As long as you are performing compound exercises and challenging yourself (using enough weight!), and you improve your performance, you don’t need a lot of time.
In fact, you can get in a much more effective, productive strength training workout in 20 minutes than you could with 45+ minutes of traditional cardio. Doing squats, push-ups, and pullups for 20 minutes will do much more for your physique than plodding along aimlessly on a cardio machine for 45 minutes.

So Check Out Just A small List I have just put together of the Benefits of weight Training.

Benefits Of Weight Training Ladies

You Will Torch Fat
Build Confidents
You Will Look More Defined
You Will help  Fight off Osteoporosis
You Will Burn More Calories
You Will help Prevent Injury
Loose Belly Fat
Lower Your Blood pressure
Help With Anxiety
Help With Stress
Clear Your Mind
Build A Shapely Figure

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A brief chat about Fat with The M From GM-Fitness Cardiff.

Good Afternoon All.
GM-Fitness Cardiff here, Its The M chatting away today.
I want you to Have a little think. Then ask yourself the following..

When you think of healthy eating do you naturally think “uh I hate dieting” or conger up images of salads and rye bread? If the answer is yes then you are probably some one who has tried a variety of yo yo diets that are neither sensible nor a permanent solution to weight loss. Correct?

If you are one of the thousands of people who have tried some  form of fad diets such as Atkins or weight watcher, then you would have seen fast results, that are short lived and restrictive.
Again Correct?

Have you ever wondered why when you stop dieting the pounds seem to come back with vengeance,

Well  your body is a fine tuned machine that has evolved through millions of years and during this period we have developed a wonderful way of preserving and converting carbohydrates into fuel in times of food shortage or thiamine, this energy source know as adipose or to you and I “FAT”! 

Fat Facts

 Did You Know?

Fat is a necessary component in the human body, without it we would soon die,

Did you also know you have two forms of body fat –  White and Brown

A small amount of this is used to protect vital organs and to help maintain insulation in the from of heat.

Fat also plays a vital roll in the formation of hormones and in the formation of cholesterol – Good HDL and Bad LDL,

I Often Hear, Well on A daily basis I hear the words I am not loosing Fat/ Weight.
You have to ask yourself the following questions

Is My Diet Balanced?
Do I control My portion sizes?
When Eating do You think of the now and not the future?
Are you aware there are 24 hours in a day! How much of that time are you active for?
Sleep Do you get enough good quality sleep?  This recovery time is really important for growth, change and repair.
Stress Levels / Do you keep this under control?

There could be several Different reasons you may not be loosing fat/ Adipose tissue.

The answers here must come from within, Or speak to team GM-Fitness Cardiff for more advice.

I personally like to use a visual approach towards fat loss/ physical change. Or from time to time waist to hip measurements, Again taking this every 4-8 weeks.
The scales can be your worst enemy and who actually gives a toss to what you actually weigh. I currently guys and girls weigh in at 10 stone this is my heaviest weight ever, And to be honest this is the best I have personally looked as of date. So banish the bloody scales and start using the visual approach, Even taking monthly selfies is a great way to monitor physical change.

Lets leave the scales to your weigh in days with GM-Fitness Cardiff.

One last thing before I leave it there.

Fact Of the day
 Next time you reach for that tasty treat there are 3,500kcls in one pound of fat! That’s around an hour of intense cardio everyday for a week.

Speak again soon.

Stay Fit Stay Focused..


Monday, 17 February 2014

Change Must Come from Within.

Control Or Destiny
Afternoon All. We are back that's right, A very Big Hello from Us at GM-Fitness Cardiff.
Right Lets Discuss the following, And along the way don't forget to question yourself on what is being written.

Society is driven by followers leaders and those who sit on the fence.

What makes a leader a leader and a follower follow, is it written within our D.N.A or are we a product of our own making.

We are exposed to images and ideas that shape our thoughts and beliefs, one persons perception of beautify, morality or ethics maybe entirely different from yours.

Culture, lifestyle and the media , play a key role in moulding our lives, influencing  us on a conscious and subconscious level.

The food we eat to the drinks we choose, we as a species follow trend and habitual patterns.

The same is true when it comes to our relationships with food and life style, emotional eaters use food as a comfort system , this is a taught behaviour and usually not something that has suddenly manifested in  a short period of time, however as it is a learnt behaviour it can be unlearned.

Parents who show love by rewarding their children with unhealthy snacks and treats are leading the way to an un-healthy association with foods that taste great but have little nutritional value and an addictive nature that may lead to problems in adult hood. 
Stress, boredom or emotional trauma can also bring out the desire to binge.  


Trying to break a lifelong habit regardless of what that may be, can be as challenging as quitting any addiction, it's a comfort blanket that has suddenly been snatched away from you.
In order to succeed you must first try to analyse the what , why and the how.
What are my triggers, why do I choose what I do, and how does it make me feel before and after.

Once you have the answer to these questions you can set yourself small challenges, mini achievable goals, think about how you are going to achieve your goals, perhaps enlist a friend or partner to help support you during the first few weeks to help support each other in achieving success.
The most common story we as personal trainers hear is that people do not like healthy food, that they do not have time, that they are  a fussy eater e.c.t.
Statements of an unwillingness to change their thought patterns  regarding food choices , this is usually linked to the negative relationship with the "reward system" or association they have with less healthy food.

The truth is that no food can be completely categorised as good or bad if moderation and self control are observed.

The belief that healthy food is somehow redundant in flavour taste or texture is the first stumbling block for the comfort eaters, the endorphin rush and feel good factor from having their fix is as addictive as any drug and as we are bombarded with ever increasing food and drink adverts triggers can often be hard to avoid.
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Monday, 10 February 2014

Self Doubt Wont Do You Any Favours.

Good Morning From GM-Fitness Personal Training Cardiff.

Lets Talk Self Doubt Shell we.

Why Does it exist?

Of all things to have happen when you start anything new, Self doubt can be your number one enemy.

Take a clean eating lifestyle this often enough is thought of as total dread! Why is that you may wonder.

Well firstly  it is all about stepping out of your comfort zone that everyone lives in. And saying/ shouting out from the top of your voice I am ready to start something new.

Bad eating habits have often started from a very young age, what you need to do is ask yourself why this has happened, What triggered this in my life? Why if I do, do I turn to food if  I am feeling emotional.

The Advice I can offer to you is start to write a diary, Of the way you feel, for over a period of time this maybe 1 month or  possibly  it may take you up to a year to work out why self doubt is your worst enemy.

Because exercise my friends does work, We and lots of others are living proof that eating Right and keeping active daily has a fantastic outcome along the way.

As you all know, If you do know me personally I do not promote Fad diets I am totally all for eating everything in moderation and learning what works for you.

It is No good just GM-Fitness Cardiff having belief in you. If you do not believe in yourself!

I my friends can give as much positive encouragement to you, Till I am truly blue in the face, Banging my head against the wall screaming at the top of my voice come on you can do this.

But truth be told all this energy is totally wasted if you do not believe in yourself or want to believe that eating right works.  

There maybe obstacles along the way, actually hell of course there will be obstacles along the way. But this is life guys and it isn't going to be an easy ride, But I tell you one thing GM-Fitness Cardiff will offer you support encouragement and god dam some bad ass training advice.

So today. Answer the above questions and figure out what is holding you back.

GM-Fitness Cardiff Fitness Love. Peace all.  

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dont Be That Gym Fool.

Good Afternoon.

So as you can imagine being a Personal Trainer based in Cardiff and using different facilities You would honestly think we had seen it all, heard it all, Smelt it all.

But Luckily for me I am yet still shown daily the things not to be done in the gym.

So listen up folks.

This is either for you personally or for that idiot who thinks he knows it all. And ladies this is not just for the guys it also applies to you.

Machines should be used with correct form, This means listen to your Trainer/ coach, if training alone follow the picture on the side of the machine.

Do not by any means go swinging from a Pec Dec, Pulling machines with bands, Loading the weight so heavy that your entire body has to swing back and fore to help you move the weight.

This will result in an injury, your form will be complete shit and you will of course look like an ass.

First Tip, Everyone agree so far?

What about lifting weights which are so heavy that your form is out of the window your back is arched to bits, Your breathing is completely out of control, Bet you have seen this occur at the gym.

My advice lower the weights and leave your ego at the door.

If you see people training in the weights area, then people please where has common sense gone do not invade their personal space, Pulling a bench right up close to a guy lifting is never the right thing to do.

Hygiene now this is big.

I do not want or other members of the gym do not want to be wiping up your sweat, Please guys and girls bring a towel. No one wants to be slipping or sliding in your bodily fluids, At least not at the gym.

One rule of thumb if you can smell Yourself so can everyone else, Be polite and use a roll on before you commence training there is nothing worse than the foul smell  of bad odour.

Think I will Leave it there for today guys although the list is endless.

Keep it real, Keep training, Stay focused and remember the above.


Mel ( GM-Fitness) Personal Trainer Cardiff/ South Wales/ uk

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Big Jugs

Motivate or Stagnate


Life is not always easy as I am sure you will agree,  we are all creatures of habit so making change does not come easy to most  people, when you can change your way of thinking then you can change the way you choose to live your life.

Exercise and health is a lifestyle choice,  I practice what I preach and can tell you it's not as easy as one may think.
Social pressure to eat that peace of rubbish your friends are wolfing down or to down ten pints on the weekend is a common battle most people can relate to, you justify it because after all you do not want to be the boring one in the group or the fitness fascist.


So you bend and buckle and indulge in a few pints now and again, big deal right? Wrong

those 10 pints you had on the weekend are more than the average person will burn off in a week of gym work outs, and where are those calories coming from, yep its fats best friend sugar, and beer contains a boat load of it.



If your goal is to lose weight or you want to show of your finely toned abs, then small choices make a huge difference, a few beers can be the difference of losing 2lbs a week or gaining the same amount while creating a beautiful barrel to impress your friends with.


That said drinking alcohol in moderation can provide some health benefits so enjoy in moderation.

Each and everyone is different, please stop comparing yourself to others, ask yourself what do I want and how can I get it.

Am I happy with my health, could I be fitter, stronger, faster lose weight or gain weight.

Whatever the answer you first have to set a want in order to fulfil a need, for example if you want to run a marathon then you can train for it but you have no real need as you goals are non specific.

However if you want to achieve a specific time or goal then you have a need, the need to set aside the time for intelligent training, nutrition, rest and recovery to achieve a specific task.

The same applies to any measurable goal if it is measurable then you can set aside time to plan a programme in order to best improve your performance, and make the best use of your time and resources.

If you are not sure where to start, or even how, ask someone for help, everybody started somewhere and nobody was born an expert.

Don't be mislead by pressures of those who feel you cannot achieve something simply because they do not share your vision or ambition, nobody can stop you from succeeding unless you allow yourself to be stopped, drive comes from within, will comes from yourself belief and passion comes from the enthusiasm you bring, everything else is just a bonus.

Good luck achieving your goals GM-Fitness

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Monday, 27 January 2014

I love being fat


Fat loss

Your choices determine many aspects of your life, including taking control  of the food you choose to buy , and  what you  put in your mouth, if you eat like a pig then you can expect to look like one.

So if Huxley pig is your idol then ignore all sense and reason and continue to gorge yourself into a sugary gelatine like mass prodding your podgy bits as you await the ping of the micro wave meal you have so diligently prepared.
Large people get upset when you point out the facts "you are fat" so let's be more polite you are overweight /obese.  
Sorry for the rude awakening but it did not happen by accident, no one, even those rare few with medical conditions suddenly wake up fat, it is a gradual process and with any progress you need to be dedicated.
Just because someone is fat does in no way imply that  they are unfit or lazy, larger people  can be as fit and active as there more nimble friends.
People can be thin and contain lots of internal fat surrounding the internal organs and fat if they lead an unhealthy life style.
Lean people tend to have more brown fat than overweight or obese men and women, when stimulated it can burn calories although we humans contain very little brown fat.
80% of all of our fat is stored beneath the skin this is white fat, and its key roll "no pun intended" is energy metabolism, heat insulation and cushioning.

·        adipose tissue visceral (surrounding organs)
·        subcutaneous (beneath the skin - about 80% of all body fat)
White fat is important in energy metabolism, heat insulation and mechanical cushioning.

Your body uses the materials you provide it with i.e. food to produce new cells , including fat cells if your diet is bad then don not expect to feel good.

There is no magic bullet no pill or procedure that will guarantee success, the only person that can ensure 100% that you will achieve your goal is you, no one has the power that you have to determine your success or failure.

You hold the key and unlocking it is down to will power, drive and determination.
If you are determined to succeed then you will.

Lose weight
losing  weight Is different with each person and depends greatly on the activeness of the person, so be more active in everyday life, make more trips to the water cooler, get up from your desk , put down that sandwich and pick up something non processed.

Why am I gaining weight

Weight gain can be caused by many contributing factors, from over eating, excess alcohol consumption to lack of exercise or inactivity.

Small  changes make a huge difference, walk to work use the stairs, drink less sugary drinks get more exercise, you do not have to eat less just eat right, healthy does not mean boring.