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GM-FITNESS WEEK 6...Is exercise changing your life?


Week 6 With Dave Jones.

Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure, exercise can improve your health and your physique, trim your waistline, improve your sex life, and even add years to your life. But that’s not what motivates most people to stay active. People who exercise regularly tend to do so because it gives them an enormous sense of well–being. They feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives. And it doesn’t take hours of pumping weights in a gym or running mile after mile to achieve those results.

GM-Fitness Say By focusing on activities you enjoy and tailoring a regular mild to moderate exercise routine to your needs, you can experience the health benefits of exercise and improve your own life by:

  • Easing stress and anxiety. A twenty-minute bike ride won’t sweep away all of life’s troubles, but exercising regularly helps you take charge of anxiety and reduce stress. Aerobic exercise releases hormones that relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being.
  • Lifting your mood. Exercise can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication. Exercise also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good.

  • Sharpening brainpower. The same endorphins that make you feel better also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand. Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline.
  • Improving self-esteem. Regular activity is an investment in your mind, body, and soul. When it becomes habit, it can foster your sense of self-worth and make you feel strong and powerful.

  • Boosting energy. Increasing your heart rate several times a week will give you more get-up-and-go. Start off with just a few minutes of exercise a day, and increase your workout as you feel more energized.

If the above has all these benefits then why arent you exercising with GM-Fitness yet?

Dave Jones would now like to share week 6 GM-Fitness challenge blog with you Guys!

Here we go week 6, although a short week I've got this feeling it'll still be tough. Session outside today in the sun. Amazing what you can do with a couple of kettlebells. These exercises recently are making my posture feel a lot better and more natural. Tough session as always and early to bed.
Chest with heavy weights today good session.
Session was mainly upper body with the leg press thrown in. When I push that leg press it feels my whole body is going to explode but it's amazing what you can achieve. I did suffer some distress at the end, Mel's parting comment was ' be prepared for tomorrow it's going to be tough' - UHH - so what's the last 5 weeks been, easy!!! Roll on Saturday.
Tough session but not as bad as I had convinced myself. I managed to crawl out of the gym quite nicely.

Free weekend to recover and have been promised 2 sessions of legs for week 7. Mel is so good to me, she spoils me!!!

Hope you are enyoying following Dave Jones on his GM-Fitness Fitness Journey.. Fitness for Dave is not a FAD but now part of his LIFESTYLE!
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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

GM-Fitness: GM-Fitness Health And Fitness The Donovans week 2 ...

GM-Fitness: GM-Fitness Health And Fitness The Donovans week 2 ...: Health and Fitness and how it can change your life if you let it. I know that some of you struggle with your health/fitness...

GM-Fitness Health And Fitness The Donovans week 2 + 3

Health and Fitness and how it can change your life if you let it.

I know that some of you struggle with your health/fitness. It becomes something that you want but never feel like you can obtain. What you don’t realize is that the only thing that is separating you from those who are health and fit is a decision. A decision to make your life better and more fulfilling. Eating healthy, exercising will never make your life worse. This is a choice you have to make for yourself. “What seems hard as hell at first will turn your life into a wonderful world of endless experiences, purpose, plenty of opportunities and the vim and vigor to enjoy life for the rest of your life



Exercise will help to change your life....Just give it achance and dedicate some true time to making fitness part of your daily lifestyle with GM-Fitness.

Imagine how you will feel when you have reached that first fitness goal!

Go and have a little day dream.. Tell me how does it feel?

Lets take a little look in to Michelle Donovans Blog week 2+3
Week 2
Monday woke up a little tired as went to bed late the night before, and aching from Sunday’s pt session. Had scrambled egg on wholemeal toast for breakfast and a cup of green tea, lunch I had lean mince beef with mushrooms, carrots and onions and I flavoured it with paprika, turmeric and curry powder it turned out to be really tasty. I had a banana and a Satsuma for snack today, felt really weird not being in work as I am on my holidays. Went to bikini fitness tonight and it was a really good work out we focused on our abs had my shake on the way home and when I got in I had some carrots with low fat humus.
Tuesday woke up and I was so tired had another late night last night, am still aching today particularly my shoulders. Had two pieces of wholemeal toast for breakfast, chicken stir-fry for lunch which I made from scratch. I went for a lovely swim today to try and help with my aching muscles so I did a lot of stretching during my swim I could hear Mel in my head saying shoulders back tummy pulled in, and this is how I walked around the pool. After my swim I went and visited my sister-in-law and baby Jacob. After that I went to pick up Joe from work and went straight to PT session. Joe and I really pushed ourselves tonight and had a really good work out. Had my xxo shake on the way to visit my friend, didn't get in till late so had quick bite to eat I made a chicken sandwich with wholemeal bread and with pickled beetroot and pickled red cabbage.
Wednesday woke up and OMG all under my right arm is so achy which I suppose means I have worked really had. Had two hard boiled eggs for breakfast with a cup of green tea. Had a really good day today took my niece and here friend down to the Gower so she could take photo’s for her college project. Although the weather was miserable it was still lovely to get away from Cardiff for a couple of hours. Had a really relaxing evening for tea I cooked chicken and added mushrooms with roasted vegetable light Philadelphia, we had mixed veg with it.
Thursday woke up to take Joe to work this morning I was so tired and still aching all over. After taking Joe to work I came back and had breakfast which was porridge with a little honey. I had a bit of a lazy morning and then I went to meet Joe for lunch we both had a jacket potato with cottage cheese with chives, it was really nice and feeling. After Joe had gone back to work and went and had a little look around the shops and I picked up some tops for Joe's birthday. I went home and I started to cook tea, which was lean mincemeat with leeks, mushrooms, carrots, red peppers and two tins of chopped tomatoes I also add a vegetable Oxo cube as well as a chicken one some garlic granules and mixed herbs. I served this with sugar snap peas and baby corn. Bikini was good tonight but I felt I didn't give it my all as I was wearing a different sports bra and I felt I was going to pop out of it while doing the exercises. Xxo was drunk on the way home.
Friday got up and took Joe to work and went straight back home and went back to sleep I was really tired this morning. When I woke up I had wholemeal toast, didn't do much during the day had a lazy one. I go and pick Joe up from work and we go straight to our PT session with Gareth, I really enjoyed tonight’s session as we did spin with weights and I managed to do it with 8kg weights which Gareth and Joe seemed surprised about. We went on to do sprints on the tread mill which again I really enjoyed.
Saturday had a little lie in and I took Joe to his swimathone which he did really in, we had boiled eggs for breakfast, and for lunch after the swimathone we had a mixed salad with chicken and fruit salad and yoghurt, this was really filling and satisfying we then went to my parents I took a walk down my sister’s house as I wanted to get some fresh air. Saturday night went to visit my sister-in-law and then I took Joe for a birthday meal.
Sunday woke up and it was Joe’s birthday had a lovely lie in and had scrambled egg on wholemeal toast, we then went to church and then to our PT session with Gareth as Joe’s legs were sore from the swimathone on Saturday we asked if we could work our upper body and abs. had lots of fun and really enjoyed the tyre flipping at the end of the session. For lunch today I had a roast lamb dinner made by my dad, which was so tasty. As a little treat to Joe for his birthday we went to Starbucks on the way home.

GM-Fitness are really happy with Michelles training at present she always attends every session and gives it her all.. Can you say the same?

Week 3
Monday woke up this morning a little nervous because it was my first 2 week weigh-in of the 12 week training programme. I had wholemeal toast for breakfast, and went straight to work. Had ryvita and soup for lunch and a banana and 2 Satsuma’s for snack. Went home after work and had tea before training which was tuna steak, mixed steam veg spinach and sweet potato. Once I got to training I got weighed which I stayed the same I then got measured and was really pleased with the results as I had lost an inch and a half off my hips and an inch off my waist. Had a good training session did a variety of exercises such as high knees, star jumps and skipping. Drank my xxo protein shake on the way home and had an early night as I was really tired.
Tuesday PT session day had hard boiled eggs for breakfast, and in training we did spin and boxing which was fun. Had salad for lunch followed by fruit salad and yoghurt, which was really nice. Had my xxo protein shake on the way home and just chilled out before going to bed.
Wednesday thank god it is rest day. Started to get really tired this week so was really glad it was my rest day, had scrambled egg for breakfast and off to work I went. Had lasagne for lunch and managed to get home from work at a reasonable hour, we had philli beef strips with mushrooms for tea. After tea I fell asleep on the sofa and was so tired Joe couldn’t wake me up to go up to bed.
Thursday its bikini day today really enjoy these classes and I feel I am starting to push myself in these classes as I know I need to. Went to training straight from work to bikini and had a good session of running, lunges, side to side jumping, push-ups and planks. Had my protein shake on the way home and for tea had beef strips with Mexican rice.
Friday woke up at about 5am as I had a training session at 6.30am with Gareth; Seemed ok this morning was fully awake and ready to go. Had two boiled eggs and a green tea and off we went for out PT session. Trained really hard, did treadmill then about 40 mins of spin and then we did the prowler and sprints at the end it was a really good session. Had salad for lunch followed by fruit salad which I really enjoyed. Went straight out from work and meet Joe in town as it was Ian’s birthday get together, was really bad as I had a big mac from McDonalds for tea.
Saturday was meant to train at outfit today but I just couldn’t seem to wake up, my husband and I are really starting to feel the pain now. I had a really lazy day as I have felt drained and quite weak. I had wholemeal toast for breakfast, didn’t have this till about midday so had a later lunch and a later tea. Lunch was chicken tikkia rolls and tea was a curry from the Indian. Really aching all over especially my knees.
Sundaywoke up late so missed church, again still feeling really tired, I made myself some porridge from scratch and added a sliced banana. I got myself ready for our PT session and made a move. Arrived about 10 mins late for training but got straight to work, started on cross training and went onto the dreaded spin bike nooooooooooooooooo as my knees are still sore. But hey I did it and I worked hard. After this we went outside and flipped tires, we took the large and medium sized tries out I flipped the medium tire fine but when it came to the large sized tire I found it really tough but I managed to flip it, which Joe and Gareth seemed really chuffed about. Travelled straight to high Wycombe after training to visit my sister-in-law and family, for tea we had home make cottage pie with broccoli and carrots it was delicious. 

Next week my goal is to keep my eating totally clean and healthy, and to keep pushing myself in training session I am determined to have lost some weight at my next weight-in as well as lost some more inches

We hope you keep following.......GM-Fitness Dedicated To Training!


GM-Fitness: Choices are you making the right ones? GM-Fitness ...

GM-Fitness: Choices are you making the right ones? GM-Fitness ...: Are you making the right health and fitness choice in life? Spoilt for choice!” you may have heard the saying. We are lead to believe ...

Choices are you making the right ones? GM-Fitness Week 5+6

Are you making the right health and fitness choice in life?

Spoilt for choice!” you may have heard the saying. We are lead to believe that we have a wide range of choices in our modern democratic prosperous age. Do your choices make you feel prosperous, equal, fit successful, individual?

Choices, what are they?

Choices are turning points in our lives.

So many choices, but what is it that we can choose? Another car? Another pair of shoes? What mineral water to drink? Another partner? Some time alone? A holiday? To love or not to love? To stay or go? To protect or defend? To trust or not to trust? To Exercise or Not exercise? To eat clean or eat unhealthy? Choices are markers that define our actions.

Choices can tip the balance in our lives from going nowhere to suddenly arriving where you have always wanted to be.


All the choices are available, except the understanding of what a choice is, and what you can do with it. The power of choice is so huge that it often misses our perceptions entirely. Choices define who we become and who we used to be. Choices change our lives. Are you Making the Right Choice!

Did You Know?
Working out will always feel hard.

  Exercise is work. It elevates your heart rate, makes you somewhat breathless, and causes your muscles to burn. It's tiring—sometimes exhausting. Yes, exercise does get easier with time, but it will never be "easy." If it were easy, it wouldn’t be exercise. You see, beyond just getting your body moving (which is great but will only get you so far), exercise has to challenge you. You have to work past your comfort zone in order to train your heart, lungs, and muscles to get stronger and fitter. Over time, yes it will become easier to walk at the 3 mph pace you started, but once that becomes easy, it's time to walk faster, which brings me to another cold, hard truth: You have to work harder as you get fitter. Think of it exercise as a challenge to continuously improve on what you just accomplished.

We are going to Take a look in to the Blog of Dave jones and see how he is doing on his GM-Fitness Journey.. Like We said above life is about making the right choices!

Make the GM-Fitness change for you!


Nice days rest and aches seem to have disappeared but i'm sure it's not long before they start again. Short class for me today but as always it was tough.
Feeling good today, then mid-morning I had some devastating news in the form of a one word text 'Legs' Mrs Myles certainly knows how to unsettle a man. Got through a great session mainly legs and the aching has returned.
Heavy weights for squats at class today. Absolutely drained tonight, the stairs are becoming a real challenge, bed at 8.30 as early session tomorrow.
Last thing I fancied at 6am when I woke up was training but Mel seems to have the knack off pitching my sessions so they push me to the limit but are enjoyable. I felt great at 9am when I arrived in work although I seem to have this constant all over feeling of aching - I must be getting used to it!!!
Just when I thought it was safe to bring my legs out (Mel was not PT me tonight) Gareth directed me to the bike, I had a silly thought that it would be nice to warm up on the bike!! 20 minutes later climbing of the bike my legs were back to that wobbly feeling. 4 weeks down and TWO days REST.

Great weak eating good and training hard.
Nice 2 day rest and didn't indulge to much. This is certainly a lifestyle change for the better. Short session today but eased into week 5 nicely.
Arrived at today's session with my head spinning, had a great session and felt great after it. Just goes to show that exercise doesn't just have a physical impact but helps mentally as well. A little warning at the end from Mel, LEGS Thursday - here we go again!!!
Abs in class today paired up to do various exercises.... Must have a word with Mel to pair me with someone who has a little more enthusiasm.
Sure enough as promised the early bird gets legs, but I thought it was ok not as hard as some sessions BUT after a shower and as the day went on the ache began. Legs back to normal I guess.
I obviously did my exercises spot on yesterday much to Mel's joy my hamstrings and calfs were in constant pain and to be honest i was dreading more legs. As it was it was i did lats....and lats and lats and lats....... At least I should have something else to think of over the holidays - lats.
Outfit was a struggle to get to. My calfs are killing me so hopefully today's session will loosen them up. Married life seems to be influencing Gareth he seems to take great delight giving me jump squats and lunges...now where did he get that from.

After 5 weeks this is really intense seems to have gone up a level and really tests your determination. But so enjoyable physically and mentally and a real achievement.
As you have read from the above your body is in your hands make the most of your life and make fitness part of your life style for the better!
GM-Fitness Dedicated To Training.......................Join Us!