Wednesday, 26 September 2012

GM-Fitness Health Junkie!


GM-Fitness The Feeling After a great workout Explained.

So we are yet again guys and girls half way through GM-Fitness training week. Have you decided to join the team yet to get started on your fitness journey!

AS october approaches us it really excites me With our new members on board our New Bikini Fitness programme. We should really reap the awards by Xmas for all the hard work everyone will be going through. Go GM-Fitness Members...

So The Happy Hormones That you get from Exercise.....Let me tell you what all the Fuss is about. And why The GM-Fitness Team are Always Happy..

Have you Ever wonder what is going on chemically in the body while you sweat it out at the gym?

The euphoric feelings during and after exercise, as well as the muscle soreness that might just come a day later, don't just appear magically. Your body is made up of millions of chemical reactions, which result in different physical and mental feelings. Take a look at some of the top hormones and chemicals that are released when you workout.

Its Totally The Wow Factor

These chemicals are released by your pituitary gland, which is located in the base of your brain.
Endorphins make you feel exhilarated and happy and block any feelings of pain, so you can power through any discomfort caused by exercising. That's why people become addicted to strenuous forms of exercises and experience "runner's high." Have you had this yet?

EstrogenEstrogen determines whether carbs or fat fuel the body during an intense exercise session. Women tend to burn fat for fuel, while men tend to burn carbs, because women have higher estrogen levels. When women undergo menopause, they usually experience some weight gain because of lowered estrogen levels.

A chemical responsible for happiness, restful sleep, and a healthy appetite,
serotonin levels will increase if you work out regularly. Serotonin works with endorphins to make working out a pleasurable activity. In addition, more serotonin means more energy and clearer thinking. So by reading this surely it makes you want to join GM-Fitness right! 

Growth FactorsGrowth factors are the hormone-like compounds that work with satellite cells to help stimulate and regulate production of more muscle. Growth factors like hepatocyte, fibroblast, and insulin send signals to the satellite cells to move to the damaged muscle area, repair the damage following exercise, and regulate muscle mass growth, respectively.

Dopamine is a pleasure chemical. Studies have found that
a brain with a dopamine receptor deficiency is more prone to weight gain, because eating quickly easily raises dopamine levels. Those with fewer receptors need more dopamine in the bloodstream (aka more food) to reach the same level of satisfaction as someone with a normal amount. This is even more reason to work out regularly to keep those dopamine levels up in order to keep overeating and weight gain at bay. Domamine is often associated with orgasms. Working out helps stimulate the production of dopamine, and increased levels of dopamine combined with core, quads, thighs, and pelvic muscle exercises may result in a "coregasm."

So Some Great information above guys and girls for you to read, Then maybe read again, And when you feel like getting some happy Hormones From Exercise you may just pick up the phone and give GM-Fitness acall...



Sunday, 23 September 2012

Every Action Has A reaction. So Act Now. Be inspired. Be Motivated Be GM-Fitness

Sunday 23rd September.

How has your weekend been for you?

Did you hit the gym? Join GM-Fitness for GM-OUT-FIT?

Or was it recovery time?

For myself Saturday is all about recovery, A little bit of teaching then alot of rest, Yesterday wasnt feeling to great so it was what I like to call sofa day. With some fab sleep plenty of vit c And honey all is well today In the GM-Fitness house hold...

Today Is my Training day With Declan, Which was a pretty good session alot of focus on posture, rear delts. Mid back, So a lot of pulling and pushing. The session took longer than i thought but overall a very enjoyable workout.

Alot of People who workout often focus on arms, abs, and legs but forget about the importance of a strong back. The back muscles are extremely important, used for things we do on a daily basis from lifting to sneezing. For this reason, it is imperative that you use back exercises to strength the muscles,

With a stronger back, every day activities will be much easier to manage from working to raising children to simply going out to enjoy life. Three major muscle groups make up the back:

Latissimus Dorsi - These muscles are found on the sides of the back, which are used for extension, rotation, and pulling arms in toward the body

Erector Spinae - Known as the lower back, this actually has three muscles, all running the entire length of the back starting at the neck and going to the buttocks. This group of muscles is used for flexibility and extension for the upper body along with rotation.

Rhomboids - These muscles are made up of minor and major muscles that go between the shoulder blades to help with rotation, retraction, and elevation of the shoulder blades, the very muscles used to maintain proper posture.

Todays Session took a total of 1.46 ( Reason for this GM-Fitness main focus today was slow and controlled to prevent injury and really focus on hitting those small back muscles)

Session as follows

Prowler 50kg for myself Push 10 pull ten. Static legs

Deadlifts 20reps 50kg

Flat back overhand row 25kg 20reps

Bicep Curl Light weight 12.5ibs 20reps

Capital T 8ibs 20reps

Repeat above for 5 sets

To Finish
Single arm row 30 reps 20 reps 10 reps with 35ib weight
Seated Row 20 reps 10 reps 30 reps 36kg weight
Triceps Rope 10reps 30 reps 20 reps 17.5kg weight
Followed by
Reverse Flyes 50.
Inbetween each set 10 pulls and pushes on the prowler with 50kg weight.
Overall thoughts on Sundays GM-Fitness Session. Abit long but great feeling in my Back.
Time for Lunch.
Looking forward to the last week in septmeber guys and girls lets really hit it hard and see some fantastic results for the GM-Fitness Team.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

At The End Of The Month

As Promised Mel From GM-Fitness here blogging again about My Passion in life Fitness..

So I fight my way through My New fitness regime. I start to learn alot more about myself, And how far I'm willing to push to get to where I want to be.  Have you got this attitude guys?

So we are nearly at the end of the month, Been a very busy manic month. I just can not believe where time is going at the minute.

Eating clean is a lifestyle change guys and the positive outcome you will achieve from it is amazing. We had our cheat day yesterday as i always say once aweek is fine, We ended up with a curry from Asda followed by nan bread, Which at the time tasted amazing as fast food does. But truth be told my body is so well tuned now to eating clean that the slightest shift in eating this way. Then plays havoc with My stomach the next day.

Let me know if you are at this stage yet!

So today Has been fantastic, Yet again clients shock me with there sheer determination to achieve new goals and this attitude is fantastic. I hope this GM-Fitness attitude starts to rub off on other GM-fitness members to be.

So Today I was trained by Trainer Gareth.

And It was hard but at the same time it was a love hate session. If you know what I mean...

It consisted of leg work and lots and lower back work. Followed by Chest and arms to follow.And As I have said in an earlier blog I have cut down on Situps.And have gained a tighter abdominal area, By going heavier and training harder.

What has really made my week this week. Is a member of ours Alana. She has achieved a total weight loss of 5stone 9 pound. This girl is truely rocking GM-Fitness. I hope others are inspired by this sheer determination to hit goals.Her own personal Story will be on its way soon.

Thanks for listening. If any of you ladies wish to join us tonight we have Bikini Fitness on At 7.15pm In Roath

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Set Your Self A Goal

Set Your Self A Goal

Fitness for some is an up hill struggle you are constantly trying to reach the top, but have you ever stopped to consider what you are striving to achieve?  For many of us fitness is a chore, a simple necessity that we must endure in order for us to maintain a reasonable level of well being.

Those of you who embrace exercise feel its many wonderful benefits, you realise it changes not only how you look, it changes how you feel, and how you live your life, in a positive more fulfilling and vibrant way.

Exercise is not just a thing you do, its what it does for you and to you. It shapes it moulds it creates, it is the fabric of beauty and comes in all shapes and sizes, its beauty can been seen anywhere and everywhere and in countless forms its in everything you do.

Like everyone you need a goal, something to work towards, make it measurable, feasible and palatable, and one which is easy to digest.

Come on I know you want a bite!

Small changes, take the stairs instead for the lift, don’t skip breakfast, go for that walk, carry the shopping in a basket instead of a trolley, and reduce your sugar intake.

For example Mel and I decided gm-fitness we were to enter a 10k race with obstacles, neither of us have entered anything like this before and to add to matters I am allergic to running but keen to try it.

Mel and I frorm GM-Fitness had made the choice to change only two elements of our existing routine, those being the addition of a programme that consisted of jogging, sprinting and practicing exercises that closely mimic the ones we will have to conquer.

A wall is only as high as you make it
I have been enjoying fitness for most of my life and adore every aspect of it, from how it focuses my mind and body, to the way it makes me feel up lifted and empowered.  Exercise in all its beautiful forms springs to life in a corrugated explosion of movement and energy, it makes me purposeful and driven, exercise is my drug and I am addicted.

The feeling I get when I see our clients achieve results still gives me massive sense of achievement, watching them transform into confident fit and healthy individuals makes me feel proud to be part of GM-Fitness and have helped in that process I am only a cog in the machinery, dedication goes far beyond the session its all about life style choices its all about balance.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

300 Training

Hiya All

So how has today been going for you?

Did you start off with a clean Breakfast? Followed by a good to go Lunch?

Mel Here from GM-Fitness. We are half way through the day and already Im Buzzing another successful morning of Training, GM-Fitness members are really pushing forward, I am seeing fantastic changes in every direction, Some people are truely amazing and I tell you something the fitness attitude amongst our members really does make me one happy lady. So Keep up the great work Guys and girls.....

My own Training today was called 300 x 3

And I must say It was very challenging but a real fantastic session. The passion I have for fitness is something I hope you will pick up along the way...

Started off with My Boiled eggs for breakfast, Followed by Tea with milk no sugar.

Training today was with a great guy you may know him or know of him Stephen robinson. We sure did go for it today. Feel free to give the below session ago, Then buzz me with how you got on.

3 rounds of the below

10 pushups with shoulder press

10 body weight pullups

10 dumbell bicep curls

10 weighted dips (10kg myself. 20kg added for stephen)  Triceps were screaming at this point.

10 cleans 30/50kg

10 burpee jump over bar

10 lat pull down

10 bicep curl barbell

10 chest to floor burpee pullups

10 kettle bell swings

100 Skips or 50 double unders

Then to finish

90 metre lunges to floor with 2x12kg kettlebells or 2x 16kg kettlebells

11 laps each lap 90 metres

100 situps to finish.

How I felt at the end of the session?

Like I really did go for it. Must say I love fitness, Love GM-Fitness Catch you all later guys.

Or Join me at Bikini Fitness tonight at 7.15pm...

What Motivates You?

What motivates one person may not motivate the next, what really drives us towards improving ourselves. What makes us get up in the morning and want more, why do some people lead while others follow?

Are you looking to improve the way you look? The way you feel? Are there a few things that you would like to change?

Ask yourselve the above questions, Give your self afew moments to answer, Or even so go away and think about it..

Your health is one of the most important things in life... Have you been putting your health and fitness first?

What about spending an hour- 3 hours aweek to make adifference to your life, The Way you see food the food you eat all has amajor impact on your body.

society todays plays a major role on the way people eat, Drink, Are you someone who is eating to much processed food, drinking to much alcohol and just thinking about how that makes you feel now in the presesnt moment. What about the long term damage it is causing to your body,your skin and your internal organs!

Today I want you to think of all the above, then come back to me with your answers!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Trainer Mel Of GM-Fitness Taking her Fitness to the next level

New Personal Training Regime


Afternoon all. Mel from GM-Fitness here. As of four weeks ago I completely decided to Change the way I train, One to see what effect it would have on me, both physically and mentally, Also I have cleaned up my diet, To eating clean 100%.

Training now consists of Heavier Leg sessions, Training alongside My Partner Gareth, As well as a very varied program, Using all components of fitness, As I am a believe in everything in Moderation is key to progress.

I have always loved training It is my passion And I love what I do.

As I mentioned above Training changed for me due to fitness goals That I would like to achieve in the next few Months. So I am Blogging as of today.



Training today was totally brutal. It consisted of the following


11 Laps around the track

10 burpee Squat jumps

Repeat the above

2500 Metre Row ( This is something that I really do struggle with)

60 Metres sprint x 5 no rest ( At this point I was on the edge of puking!

Followed by 10 Burpee Squat Jumps


And it didn’t end there!


10 High jump squats with 16kg weight

10  shoulder presses light 20lb dumbbells

X 3


Kettlebell swing 10 reps

Chest to bench pushups 12



To Finish

T Bar squat and press 3x10 ( forearms felt like they were going to explode)


12 dips

12 cable extensions



Completely ruined by the end of this session which was thanks to Trainer Gareth of GM-Fitness. There is something amazing about the endorphin rush at the end of a brutal session. Totally buzzing the rest of the day. You just gotta love the after feeling guys…